an Owner's Guide to using your Body Naturally

The Alexander Work or Technique

is a practical, hands-on study of the principles of coordination, movement, habit, and awareness which teaches you how to relieve pain and tension, and rediscover excellence, ease, strength, flexibility, grace, and joy in every activity of life.

Who Studies Alexander Work?

  • Anyone who is physically uncomfortable due to stress, tension, postural habits, movement problems, old injuries, or poor self-image.
  • Performing artists and teachers of performing artists.
  • Athletes, martial artists, fitness instructors, and equestrians.
  • Bodyworkers, movement therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, psychologists, chiropractors, and physicians

Why Study Alexander Work? We learn to replace habitual life patterns with new, more conscious choices.

Alexander TechniqueGroup ClassThrough study, we become capable of redirecting excessive effort into useful energy. Regaining deep structural support, we can relieve chronic pain, restore balance flexibility and strength, refine the use of our bodies as an instrument of artistry, regain conscious awareness within our daily life, and rediscover the sheer pleasure of movement.

The Alexander Work teaches us how to be relaxed and ready, soft and strong, light and substantial, firm and flexible, awake to ourselves and to the world.

How do You Study ? Private Lessons *Group Classes * Workshops & Intensives * Teacher Training


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