an Owner's Guide to using your Body Naturally


is a 20 hour certification course which offers a simple, clear, and fun exploration  of the basic mechanics of human movement and support.  It is the quintessential owner's guide to using our bodies in accordance with our design, allowing people of all ages to experience ease in their body.

Robyn Avalon Teaching a Living in a body course in AlaskaThe LIVING IN A BODY™ curriculum uses simple games of sensory awareness, somatic re-education, and metaphor to teach you how your body is designed to move with ease and grace.  The courses provide the necessary tools for incorporating this knowledge into your daily life and professional endeavors. 

LIVING IN A BODYTM is open to all those interested in understanding the functional design of the body.  It is particularly useful for professionals and teachers in performing and fine arts, movement and martial arts, fitness and athletics, equestrians, primary educators, body workers, therapists, and health professionals.

To register for a Living in a Body™ course, please contact our office via e-mail: info@livinginabody.com or call us at 505-670-2596.
To pay by credit card, please e-mail: info@livinginabody.com and let us know that we need to send you a credit card invoice.

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United States:

Santa Fe, NM
May 16 - 18, 2015

Info and reservations: 505-670-2596, info@livinginabody.com

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